email: socarolinesays at gmail dot com

twitter: @socarolinesays


4 responses to “contact

  1. hey caroline,

    this is the sister of Anna who is friends with Maggie who came to NYC from Ontario, Canada who you had dinner with and a few other girls a while ago. I remember this because Anna told me that you asked her why she couldn’t come and join you guys for that dinner in NYC. Anyways… I was just reading Anna and Mags’ blog (to whom it may concern) and saw your link, so I thought I would check your blog out. Anna was right- you are a great blogger and a fantastic writer. Um, yeah, so i just wanted to say “what up”, you seem like an awesome person and I just wanna surround myself with positive people (no, I am not some weird intense hippie child, although sometimes i swear i belong in that era), only because I am a mom and i want to pass that on to her- positivity. okay, so keep up your awesomeness!!!


  2. Caroline!

    You are fabulous. I just stumbled upon your blog today, and have only read about three of your posts – but you are hilarious.

    Keep up the excellent work!


  3. Hi Caroline!

    Work got boring–I started a blog. I added a link to yours because I think you are fairly awesome and hilarious–I hope that’s alright and not as creepy as I feel it might be… Just keeping you in the loop so that if drunken college students begin commenting in expletives you aren’t too troubled.

    Thanks & keep on keepin’ on!

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